Saturday, 30 May 2015

Just Stuff

A long time no blog. Actually started this post two days ago at which time I discovered I can no longer use Windows Live Writer to publish posts on blogger. Which has been really frustrating as I tried to write the post on blogger itself and had no ends up problems. I thought I would try again and see if I can get this post up and running today. I am considering a complete blog redesign and moving to wordpress. SIGH!! I have been working on that for a couple of days as well and getting no where in a hurry with that either so here I am back to this post. I truly dislike writing this on blogger itself. What a pain!!

I have been out shooting on a weekly basis and sharing on both flickr and 500px, just not found the time to blog. While sorting through my shots so far this year I found a LOT Of images that were just random shots of stuff I would come across. Decided it was time to get something posted here on my blog.

Here is just random shots of stuff I have found while out and about:

Left: A light above a church entry. The cross caught my eye. Right: The first thing I noticed here was the shadow. Tried several angles to get a shot I was happy with.

I love doors. Old doors, new doors any kind of doors. Here we have a detail shot of how doors can age. Rusting hinge, flaking and cracked peeling paint. A great textural shot.

Left: What drew me to the street light was how the sun was lighting it up. Right: These two statues were set in concrete on a ledge on the side of a building. I do not know if they mean anything or not but they caught my eye.