Saturday, 11 April 2015

It was time for an upgrade / who knew!

Hello everyone, I finally took the opportunity to upgrade my camera. I have loved my D90 dearly and knew how it functioned fairly well. But, the time had come for an upgrade so purchased a D7100 and I now have got to learn all of its buttons, dials and ins and outs. But I have to say I am loving it and taking it out and about.

… and who knew what a lovely lens my 28mm f2.8 would make for shooting flowers. Not me that is for sure!! While out and about this week walking around I came across these beautiful blooms and knew I just had to take some shots. At the time I had my 28mm lens on my camera and really did want to change the lens just yet so thought why not try and see how it would work. Well I was impressed with the results of this lens.

All shot at f3.5 ISO 200 ss250.

What a Bloom 2 What a Bloom 3

I wanted to see just how close I could get with focusing. I shall try this lens more often for floral shots.

What a Bloom