Sunday, 15 March 2015

Last Spring

I finally upgraded to Lightroom 5 this last week. So I have been testing it out. I need to find some tutorials to get the best from this software as I am sure I am missing out on some good information. Anyway I had to try it out after upgrading from Lightroom 4 so used some of last years spring shots that I never got around to processing.


I just love little ducklings and goslings. This is an Egyptian Gosling. He/She sure looks determined.

The Glory of Spring

Fabulous spring blossoms. I am ready for these and warm sunshine filled days.


This is one of those shots that I thought would be interesting. I posted this on google+ for unsharpsaturday.


A little robin.


Today is Mother’s Day here in the UK. So wishing all mother’s across the world a Happy Day! Used the oil paint filter in Photoshop on this.