Sunday, 21 September 2014

Autumn Inspiration–post 2 that is rather late

Geez nearly a month since I posted my previous Autumn Inspiration post. Life does get in the way at times. Photography is really taking a backseat of late. BUT I am seeing some autumnal colours starting to appear and we are having some foggy mornings. So now all I need is for those kind of mornings on one of my days off that I do not have to do anything else. SIGH!! As I said life does get in the way at times.

So here is some more of my Autumnal images I shot last year.

Autumn Insp 01

Autumn Insp 5

Autumn Insp 04 Autumn Insp 05

Autumn Insp 7

Autumn Insp 9 Autumn Insp8

Until next time…