Tuesday, 1 July 2014

For the Love of Horses

I can remember back to about the age of 6 when I so dearly wanted a horse and I could not understand why I could not have one. I mean we had a back yard and that back yard had a fence what more does a horse need. I also remember a kindly older man who brought around a donkey and a horse for the kids to ride. Of course you had to pay a wee bit of money to ride but to me it was worth every penny. If I recall correctly it was 5 cents for a donkey ride and 10 cents for a horse ride. I rarely had 10 cents so I usually ended up riding the donkey.

Yes I love horses and barns and all things country. So when I happened upon these scenes yesterday near Hampton Court Palace I had to get some shots. Oh how I longed to go rummage around inside and get closer to the horses but do not think the public was allowed. All these were shot from the sidewalk. SIGH maybe someday I can get to some horse stables for a good look around with my camera.





I Shoulda Been a Cowgirl!!!

Winking smile