Tuesday, 8 April 2014


That is how I have been lately with my photography. It is not as if I have not shot anything lately as I have gotten out with my camera over the last few weeks but what I return home with just does not excite me in the least. OK, so yeah there have been a few shots that I was like ‘YES!!! that is what I was going for’ but, those have been few and far between. To be honest I think it is down to what I am shooting. I am in NEED of a change in scenery I think. Some new destinations to shoot. Even new genres of photography too. So here are a few things I am hoping to give a try and very soon. Well soon as I can pick a day that is suitable for these ideas.

  1. A rainy day walking around London. (Need a rainy day where I am free to go)
  2. Street photography, which can be anywhere but somewhere interesting.
  3. Need a trip to the country side or sea side for some shooting there too. (this may not happen soon)
  4. A simple photo walk but somewhere I have not been before.

That is my short list. Might come up with some other ideas.

Here are some recent shots that I have been fairly pleased with.

Ah Spring

One of my first blossom shots this Spring. Shot with 50mm lens.

Almost Gone

As you can see the blossoms here have nearly all blown away. Shot last week.

Beautiful Spring Blossoms with texture

So the shot on the left was one of those ‘YES!!’ shots. This was so what I was after shooting this one. One on the right was so so and I added texture. These were shot a last week.

Quince Blossoms

Quince blossoms, shot a several weeks ago.

Spring Blossoms

One of my recent shots (Saturday outing).


A robin, this was a difficult shot and I do have some other compositions as well. The robin was hiding in a bush which made it a challenge to get a nice shot.

Until next time…