Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thought I best Check In here

Well hello out there!! Just checking in on my blog and realised I have not posted since 27 January!! Which is okay as I haven’t shot anything new lately. I have been busy working on my family history. It surely does take a lot of work and a lot of time researching your roots. I will have spurts like this where I will concentrate on it and get a bit more data found and entered. But I do realise I must get the camera out soon. I miss it or maybe just the out walking around shooting the world around me. 

I do have some photos to share today. These were posted elsewhere ie flickr or facebook just not on the blog.

In the Winter

Shades of Winter


Up Close

Light Shine

This was shot 31 Dec 2013

Looking Back ~Spring 2013~

From last spring and I am so looking forward to Spring 2014

Little Lady

From last summer

I shall catch up on others blogs over the next few days.