Monday, 27 January 2014

Rainy Day

So today it was raining yet again. Not the whole day though. It was a dry morning with some sunshine and I got to enjoy a morning walk so that was good. But this afternoon it rained, stopped, then rained some more. While I was sitting at the computer I noticed the sun just starting to peak through the clouds and I liked how the light was hitting the rainy, misty window. So grabbed my camera to get a shot.

Rainy Misty Window

I like how this has come out. I also noticed it was still raining slightly so headed upstairs to look out the window to find a rainbow. Unfortunately it didn’t get a chance to form as clouds soon took over the sun. I did get the chance to see one starting to form. I then turned my attention to the sky. Got two shots of the clouds over taking the sun.

After the Rain

After the Rain 2

These both were shot within minutes of each other.