Saturday, 25 January 2014

Ahh, Winter

So far here in the Greater London area of England we have had a fairly mild winter. Apart from rain, rain and did I mention rain!!! We have had very few dry days in the last 2 months, so it seems, I could be wrong. With that said, we did have a lovely morning of fog on Tuesday this week. I not only took my camera along on my morning walk BUT got my hubby  to drive me to the local country park for some shooting as well. Of course the fog started to clear while I wondered around the park. I did manage to get the shots I went for and then some. So here are a selection, more to process yet, of what I shot this week. First two are from my walk in the park. The rest is from the country park.


Foggy walk in the park.

Portrait of a Tree

I do love trees and this one greets me every time I take a morning walk to the park. Isn’t it a beauty.

Foggy Reflection

A shot that I went to the country park for. Foggy mornings = calm water.

Calm Water

Foggy days are good black and white days.


Another one of the shots I was after. By this time the fog was just beginning to lift a bit.


This one was a fiddle in Photoshop, the focus on the fence was not done in camera.


Thanks to all who commented on my last post about my new gallery of photography website. I do appreciate the feedback. I also MUST get caught up on blog reading. I truly need some kind of blog reader to keep up with them. Would be so much easier then going to blogger to read and catch up on happenings.

Until next time…