Sunday, 1 December 2013

Time for a Weekly Roundup

Shew, Thanksgiving has come and gone. Don’t know about anyone else but I was stuffed after our feasting. Now gearing up for Christmas and when I say gearing up I am being creative with crafts. Making ornaments for the tree etc. Have made my Christmas Cards all they need is writing out and posting off.

I am still working through all of my Autumnal shots so I do hope you all aren’t bored with seeing all the prettiness the season has to offer. I am surprised by how much colour we still have about although the wind is slowly getting the leaves off the trees. I really am ready for some frosty/foggy/snowy days. Something a bit different than either full blown sunshine or grey clouds. AND would prefer these days to happen when I have nothing else going on so therefore can get out and about with my camera of course!!

Here is this weeks roundup of images shared in other places:

Be Thankful

Found this seed head on a wooden bench in the park and had to get a shot. Used this for my Thanksgiving day greeting.

Autumn Forest Autumn Trees and Fence

Autumn in the woods and a tree with fence and tree line in the background.

Little Leaves

Birch leaves in all their glory.

Autumn View Richmond Hill On Display

Autumn view of the bend in the River Thames from Richmond Hill and a pretty festive display outside a florist.

Blue Umbrella

The blue umbrella caught my eye the other day as we walked along the Thames.

The Fallen

The Fallen ~the beauty of fallen leaves~

November Collage

The November colour challenge for Eva Ricci’s Flickr and Facebook group was Turquoise and Gold. I didn’t think I would complete it this month due to lack of inspiration. My first shot was the heart image in upper left then yesterday I had a brain storm idea and came up with the other 3 just in time.

Until next time…