Monday, 30 December 2013

In 2013

In 2013 I rediscovered my love of photography. I got out and started shooting things that caught my eye. In previous years I got into a rut of shooting mostly floral and fauna. 2013 saw me shooting anything and everything. From floral and fauna to trying my hand at street photography. Shooting stuff that caught my eye and was interesting to me. I also rediscovered my 50mm lens and let me tell you it was like having a whole new lens to shoot with.

I have shot way more than I have shared in this last year. I will no doubt be sharing some of those within the next month or so. Depending on weather and rather or not there is anything worth getting out and shooting. Such as some snow, frost or fog. Of course this time of year the light is fabulous all day long so even some nice sunny spells will work too.

Here is a selection, and believe me it was tough to pick just these, of my favourite shot from the last year. Bring on 2014!! Happy Shooting all!!

50mm F1A Bee (2)A Bugs WorldBoats4FogIn The HarbourPoppy CenterWhite Blossoms4Water Droplets on MossThe LightSnowMon9Street3FlaxBrown #3Cat2Clematis5Dogwood {Cornus Florida Nuttallii}Forget Me Not2DucklingLook the Other WayBeach BirdOsterley HouseMarble HillMorning SunNatures Jewels 4One LeftOntheWall 1In the GrassGrass 2Spring Leaves3

Richmond Hill View

All In a RowAutumn DanceA WindowAutumn Reds and Golds

Fog LampsDragonfly2July in Purple #2DW1

RichBridgeSpring 2013LaceFine Autumn Morning

Trees (2)WinterSun4WisteriaSwan01