Saturday, 9 November 2013

This That and the Other

Just one of those posts that really has nothing in common. I do try to keep to a subject but sometimes coming up with a set of cohesive images isn’t possible. These images have been shared either on Facebook, Flickr, Google+ or all 3. Time they make a showing on my blog.

Curvy Fence

Shot for Fence Friday. I wish the day had been a bit bright. I do think I will go back and shoot this again maybe in evening light.


Windsor Castle or part of it I should say.


A shot from my stay at my moms. I really enjoyed getting up early in the morning and heading out with my camera especially on the few foggy mornings we had. Still lots of photos from this trip that I have yet to process.

Golden Autumn

This I shot just the other day. A flooded area by the river Thames that sits between a railway line and a busy road.

In The Harbour

A shot from the summer time holiday in Weymouth Dorset. A beautiful evening walk I remember so well.

Orange Fungi

Shot this for a Google+ community Women in Photography when the weekly theme was orange.

Turquoise Gold #1 

Shot for the Colours of 2013 challenge. Eva Ricci has a Facebook group and you can join in on Flickr too. This months colour(s) are turquoise and gold. Got this idea in my head and tried it out didn’t really come out like I envisioned. But I spent time on it mostly gluing glitter to some card for the background.

That is all for this that and the other. Tomorrow I will blog some black and white images. I just love black and white but still learning of what works and what doesn’t.