Friday, 8 November 2013

The Nifty Fifty

Picking up my 50mm lens this autumn is like having a whole new lens to shoot with. I have had this lens for years but it got pushed to the side and was often left at home. Not anymore. I have taken it out several times now and really enjoy working with this lens and most often shooting wide open. ie. F1.8. Why didn’t I use this lens more often in the past you ask. Well, it came down to this, when I first got the lens I took it out and just wasn’t getting the results that I saw in other peoples work. So instead of learning to use the lens I just put it aside and that is where it stayed except the rare occasion I would take it out for a whirl. Like most things when it comes to using a piece of camera equipment it takes practice practice practice.

Here are some recent shots with my nifty fifty.

50mm F1


Autumn Red






Golden Brown


There will be more from my 50mm lens coming soon.