Sunday, 10 November 2013

In Black and White

I love black and white photography. OK, so these weren’t shot black and white they were later processed to black and white but you all know what I mean. Right.. Right!?! Although, I do sometimes see a shot in black and white, when I am shooting a scene, but most often if I have a shot that just isn’t working in colour I will try it in black and white. This doesn’t always work either and image ends up being left behind or eventually deleted forever more.

Sail B&W

A shot from last year. This is one of those images that just wasn’t working in colour.

All In a Row

From my outing earlier this week. I pictured this shot in black and white.

Boats BW

Another from my outing this week and again I pictured this in black and white. Matte processing for the look.


Shot over a week ago during my outing at Kew Gardens.

Until next time…