Thursday, 7 November 2013


I have been wanting to try this technique for the last month. After watching a YouTube video tutorial on the subject yesterday I gave it a try today with mixed results. I like the effects I got but it will take some practice to get used to shooting this way. If you do not know what freelensing is, it is shooting with the lens detached from the camera. Pretty Presets blog has a nice post on how to get started, it can be found right HERE.

Here is what I shot today. Gear I used: Nikon D90, 50mm F1.8 lens.

FreeLensing1 FreeLensing2

My first two shots were complete failures.

FreeLensing3 FreeLensing4

I wasn’t going to be deterred so tried it again on this ivy and I the results were a tad better.


Third shot was another keeper but still work to be done. Converted to black and white with a bit of toning.


Fourth shot once again I think this one turned out quite well. Kind of what I was after.



These last two had this haze issue and have done some research and found out this was due to the fact I held the lens a bit of distance from the camera. But I quite like the look and do like both of these images.

All in all this is a fun way to shoot pictures albeit a bit difficult to accomplish. I shall practice some more but this time indoors where I can spend more time or seeing what works and what doesn’t.

Have you tried freelensing?