Monday, 21 October 2013

Shooting Wide Open

In yesterdays post I talked about shooting wide open ie. setting the aperture to the lowest number. In my case I was using my 50mm 1.8 lens. So therefore, wide open would mean using F1.8. I never tried this before but was really wanting to be a bit more creative with my shooting. Since I usually use the same lens (105mm macro) with the same aperture range (F5.6-7.1) when out shooting and I always come back with the same old shots. I needed something different to try and practice so for my first time trying this I was pleased with the results.

On looking at the Exif data on all the images I chose for this post I discovered not all were shot at F1.8. The range of apertures used were 1.8 – 3.2. Only a few were not shot at the wide open setting of 1.8. I will state the settings used below each image.


f/1.8, 1/800sec, ISO 160


f/1.8, 1/800sec, ISO 160


f/1.8, 1/800sec, ISO 160


f/1.8, 1/800sec, ISO 160


F/2.2, 1/1600sec, ISO 400

I must have turned my ISO up for another shot and then took this and forgot to check that ISO. I do that all the time and do find it frustrating. I MUST remember to check my settings more often.


F/2.8, 1/1000sec, ISO 200


F/3.2, 1/800sec, ISO 400

I will definitely shoot wide open more often just to see what results I get.