Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Post Title Goes Here.. IF I had a good one.

There is no point to this post. Absolutely NONE WHATSOEVER!! Just going to ramble a bit. I am in a creative FUNK!! I have loads and loads of shots from various outings this year and I go through them to decide what to share and often times I just have to pick one as I do get frustrated. This usually happens when nothing screams out to me, like “hey I am worth sharing”, or I am just not “SEEING” the creative side of an image. Do you know what I mean? SIGH! Even in a creative funk with taking pictures too. Last week I ventured out with my camera and hardly shot anything I liked. UGH! Need to do something about this. But, what I am not sure.

Here are some Flickr and Facebook shares that had not made it to the blog yet:

Do YOU like it

I shot this back in the spring. I took me a while to get the crop right and get it processed to how I originally envisioned.

Evening Cloud

You may or may not have heard about our “BIG” storm that we had here in Southern England on 26th October. Well, this was the evening sky, this was opposite of where the sun was setting. The setting sun just lit up this cloud and made it look awesome. 2 images stitch together for this.

A Smart Dog

This is Patch, my Moms neighbours dog.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

I was trying to shoot this to make it look like the spider was on the sun. But, alas it did not work. Still a cool shot.

Morning Sun

The Light

Morning sunrise coming through the trees. Shot during our stay at my Moms.

Orange #4 The Bend

Autumn Tree and The River Thames from Richmond Hill in the Spring.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast, shot 2009, processed 2013

I am in need of a London day out wondering around with my camera. Now if the weather would just cooperate. Do not mind a bit of rain or even a slight breeze. But too heavy of rain and too windy makes me want to stay indoors.

~On a side note: I have found myself using Google+ more and more and I rather like it, are you on Google+?~