Monday, 14 October 2013

Learning Something New

In the last week I haven’t been able to do a whole lot but sit and watch TV due to pain with every move I made. Took the opportunity to check out our youtube TV channel. Where I have found a wealth of videos on and about photography. Watching them has made me REALLY wanting to get out and about with my camera and put what I have seen into practice, which I hope to do so soon. I also took the time and watched some Lightroom 4 tutorials. I know I do not use that little piece of software to its full potential and in watching some of these videos has helped me to understand more about the program. The ones I found very informative are by Serge Ramelli. You can find his tutorials here on youtube.

Since I have been able to spend a fair amount of time at the PC today without too much pain, thankful for that. So decided to put what I learned in the tutorials to good use. Chose a shot from last year that I always liked BUT it just didn’t work and I even processed this before into a black and white photo. Which was OK but I do prefer this color version now.

Here is the before, my straight up RAW file with NO processing what so ever! just resized and saved for the web.

Boat Before

Now here is the after using the lightroom techniques I learned via Serge.

Boat After

What a difference!!!

Here is a previous edit B&W version…

A Boat


Thank You Serge Ramelli for teaching me something new!!