Saturday, 28 September 2013

Oh Hummingbird…

*WARNING, the pics you will see in this post are total rubbish*
I was so excited when I saw the hummingbird come to the feeder while visiting my mom, I thought to myself, “I will get a shot of you my pretty I most certainly will!!” HA!! It just knew I wanted to get a good shot of it, this hummingbird most certainly did. It would tease me indeed. If I was just standing by the door looking out it would come and flutter RIGH IN MY FACE!! I kid you not, not once did this occur but at least 3 times and of course my camera would be in another room. ARGH!! If I had the camera handy it wouldn’t come around at all. Phooey phoo phoo!!!
Here are the total rubbish shots I managed to get of this beautiful bird. Taken on two separate occasions.
Hummingbird1 Hummingbird2
Hummingbird3 Hummingbird4
Maybe next time I will be more lucky.