Monday, 12 August 2013

Street Photography ~Repost~

NOTE: Removed this post after a few comments about sharing pictures of people without permission. I then set out to find an answer rather or not I was allowed to share these images without the permission of the people in them. I was coming up with nothing definitive for my question in doing a Google search. I finally found a street photographer on Facebook and just asked him. He replied that yes it is fine to share so here is the post again. As far as I am aware and from what I have read and learned over the years. I have every right to take any photo I want in public. The problem comes in when you are on or inside of private property. OH and I also know I cannot sell these images at all without getting the permission of the people in them which I have no intention of doing anyway. This was just to try my hand at street photography and so called shooting from the hip although in my case with the last shot it was shooting from the chest since my camera was around my neck. I will try this again some time as well. If people see my taking their picture and didn't like the fact I did so and said something to me I would no doubt delete the image. Maybe some day I will gather enough courage to ask strangers to allow me to take their pictures until then it will be done as discretely as possible.


I have always longed to do a bit of street photography but always fearful of people getting upset over taking their picture. Well today I gave it a try and got these 3 shots.
This was part of the group queue for Windsor Castle.
Setting up the shop displays.
I was surprised this shot came out. I had my camera around my neck, settings were F8 on aperture priority. I just clicked the shutter for this didn't look through the view finder. I was pleased how this one came out. My favourite of these 3 shots. I will try other street photography doing the same thing just to see what I get.