Friday, 9 August 2013

Some Recent Work

When I say work I mean recently processed. Some of these were shot this last week some last month some back in the winter. I have been wondering through and clearing out images shot this year. When I came across those ones I liked but not quite sure about I would process them and see how the end result would work. Most of the time they worked others not so, so they found their way to the recycle bin. Have a great weekend.

Damselfly Monday

A damselfly on a blade of grass and I think the white bloom is a petunia.

A Bee

A Bee

Clematis Fence FRI

Clematis in the morning light and a fence in the evening light

From Richmond Hill 

Shot this one this week from Richmond Hill. As you can see we have had a rather dry summer. This view is usually luscious in green.

Morning Stretch Morning on the Green

These two were also shot this week. The Egyptian Goose was stretching. And a view of Richmond Green.

That Cat

Another shot of that cat I happened upon last month.

Silver #2 Gray Clouds

2 more images for the Eve Ricci colors of 2013 August theme Silver/Grey

VW Peace

This was an older shot (last winter) that I gave it the vintage tones.