Friday, 2 August 2013

Objet D’Art

How is that for a title, eh? Best I could come up with for this post.

A new month means a new Colour for Eva Ricci’s Colours of 2013 challenge. This months colour is Silver/Grey. Since it was on the rather hot side here in London yesterday and I was itching to get started I decided to have a play about with window light and an object. The object that is the subject of these set of images is a small silver photo frame. I also added textures to these too.

Silver #1

This was my pick out of the shots I took for the challenge.

Silver #1-3

My husband was partial to this one and on second look I quite favour this one too.

Silver #1-2

This one is so so.

Bokeh Art

And since I was using window light I decided a bit of play with focus to create some bokeh.

I have some other silver objects waiting for another play for this month colour. Hopefully they will come out like I am envisioning them to since sometimes what I picture in my mind it not how they turn out in the end.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!