Monday, 12 August 2013

Natures Jewels

Nothing like finding some beautiful water drops to get some macro shots. Not sure what the plant is these were on but they had some long and biggish leaves. They look so much like jewels that is why I have titled this post as I have.

Natures Jewels

Natures Jewels 2

Natures Jewels 3

Natures Jewels 4

On a side note. I wrote a post yesterday about street photography. A few of you left comments about how you love to do street photography but not sure about sharing peoples photos online without their permission. This got me thinking should I have sought the peoples permission that appeared in my shots? Hmmm a little research I am still none the wiser on that part. I do know that I am allowed to shoot anyone in a public place there is nothing anyone can do about that. Just stuck on the part about publishing such photos here on my blog. So until I find out for sure I have removed the post for now. I do hope to get more candid type street photography in the near future. But will have to wait to see about posting them to my blog.