Sunday, 4 August 2013

In the Morning Light

I believe I have mentioned in a previous post about how on our short weekend holiday I got up every morning rather early and headed out with my camera. The light in the early morning hours is awesome and I really need to get up early more often. However when at home I find it difficult to do so for many reasons. One (the main one really) is for me to get some pretty scenery, other than buildings, I would have to travel to a location. This would require a much earlier getting out of bed and the logistics of where to go and how to get there. On the other hand during our holiday I found it so easy to get up and get out since our hotel was right there on the sea front. Simple to get up, throw on ones clothes and brush the hair and head out the door and BAM you are there!! Just take a walk and let the light lead your way. Here is a few more images of my morning walks.

Morning Light

Morning Light2

These first two shots as you can see were the same morning just a different composition.

On the Horizon

On the horizon was the tall ship and the morning light was off to the left.


A calm morning was perfect for this shot. The sun was off to the left on this shot as well. Not much color was going on here so I processed in black and white and added a new texture I was working on yesterday.

On the Beach

Came upon these grasses/weeds back lit by the morning sun.

Morning Dip

And this little fella wasn’t too pleased with me walking along the beach so he decided best get in the water.

Morning light is the best I think. So in the future and since autumn and winter time is approaching, which means sunrise will be later in the morning, I shall make more of an effort to rise early enough to get out and about with my camera.