Sunday, 7 July 2013

Some Flowers and A Cat

Sunday is here and thought I would share these flower shots that I have posted to either Flickr or Facebook. There are a couple that I haven’t shared at all. Also 2 pictures of a cat I came across during my visit to Syon Park Gardens yesterday. Although the cat didn’t take direction very well for posing I did manage a few good shots. Happy Sunday!!


Columbine with one of my Free Textures.


For Eva Ricci’s Colors of 2013 group.. this is my July in Purple #1 again one of my Free Textures used.

Little Blooms

Not quite sure what these are but I thought the color was pretty. My own texture used.


My July in Purple #2.. with a new texture that will be on the blog this week. So look for it in my Free Textures later.


Roses.. a hard flower for me to get any shots I like but this one was quite nice.


Little purple flowers I only sharing this as it was a testing image for my new texture coming this week.


And now we have the cat.. here it was ignoring me. Little did it know I wasn’t going anywhere until I was done taking pictures.


Took me a few tries to get this shot. The cat just would not look up at me but finally after me making a bit of noise it was curious and I got this shot. Will share more of this cat in future posts as I got a few good images.