Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Seaside Weekend ~Weymouth Day 1~

We arrived in Weymouth to beautiful sunshine but some cool temps which was nice. Those cool temps didn’t last long, Saturday it got hot and Weymouth was busy. The weekend was fabulous apart from the warm temperatures. Made it a tad uncomfortable especially when there is no air conditioning to escape to. In the heat of the afternoon we would hide in our hotel room with a fan for cooling. Here is a selection of what I would call snapshots of our first day. Scenes that caught my eye.

Weymouth day1

The afternoon of our arrival.

Tall Sj

Tall Ship… other shots of this to come.

Nothe Fort

Nothe Fort…

American visitors

… this was inside the fort which we visited on Saturday.


Sand Art

Sand Art…I thought this was neat so took 3 shots and stitched together.

Evening 1

Every evening after our dinner we would head out for a walk.

Tower1 Tower2

Weymouth Tower

You can go up this via a round glass container thingy… don’t know how to describe it. Do not have a shot with it in action. No I have not been up in this, I think it cost to much in my opinion.

Evening Swimmers

Evening Swimmers

Loads and loads of pics to sort through and decide what is worth sharing and what isn’t. So more to come. Be warned. Smile