Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Seaside “Paintings”

Playing with the oil paint filter in Photoshop again. I do enjoy this filter especially on images that I like but aren’t really what I saw when I took the shot. These images were nearly deleted never to be seen again. But before doing so thought I would run the filter and some other tweaks and see if I ended up with a result I liked. Which I ended up liking them in the end or they wouldn’t be making an appearance on the blog today.

Morning Time

I added 2 Eva Ricci textures to this one. What I liked about this shot was the tall ship AND the light.


The light on this one was why I couldn’t delete it and the color too.

View from Here

Nearly the same scene as above just further along the seafront and many minutes later.  I love this one.

Seaside Evening

Evening on the beach.

I know I have repeatedly stated this:  Not everyone will like these BUT, I do. They are a reminder of our seaside visit and my morning/evening walks.