Friday, 5 July 2013

Osterley Park and House

Last Saturday the hubs and I visited Osterley Park. It is a National Trust property and we are members so even though we had visited a few years ago we thought it was time to visit again. It isn’t that far from home so we took the tube (Piccadilly Line) to Osterley then walked from there. We even got brave enough after to walk the 2.5 miles home. It was a nice day out and of course I had the camera along. So on with the images.

Osterley House

The Front of the House

Osterley House Back

The Back of the House

Ornate2 Ornate1

Ornate Ceiling

Ornate4 Ornate3

More fancy ceiling


This young cow wasn’t quite sure what to make of me and my camera and he seemed to get quite excited when I talked to him.


I have titled this photo “Deadwood”. Used one of my new textures on this.


This was posted by the cottage and let me say if they need a sign to tell you to beware of a pigeon I really do not want to know what sort of pigeon is living there.

Coming soon to this blog (hopefully this weekend) I will be sharing some before and after images. All to do with the Pixel Bender Photoshop Extension and the filter Oil Paint. So stay tuned…