Wednesday, 10 July 2013

More “Paintings”

I have been going through my images from the past as I decided it was time to clean up my ever increasing library. I for one seem to take many many shots and then they sit on the disk drive to never see the light of day. Anyway as I was sorting through deleting some I would come across images that I liked but just wasn’t quite what I had in mind when I took the shot. Decided to try them out with the oil paint filter (which I am loving by the way) and ended up liking the results so would keep the image.

Foggy Lake

Frosty foggy morning on the lake.


Shame the sky was white (overcast) on this frosty morning. Would have been nice to have some color there.

The Path

Went heavy with the filter on this one as that is the look I wanted.

Winter Trees tint

I added a tint to this and a texture after running the Oil Paint filter.


I had tried another winter shot that the filter just didn’t work on but tried it again on this one and liked the results. So really depends on the image you have to start with as to what effect you will get.

I have many more images I have used the filter on that I will post another time. I am considering two things with these, either make a calendar OR create a book.