Saturday, 6 July 2013

From Photo to Painting

In yesterdays post I mentioned  Pixel Bender which is a plug-in for Photoshop that includes a filter called oil paint. Note: I do not think it is available for Element users.. You will have to scroll to the bottom of the Pixel Bender page and on the bottom left you will see the list of archived downloads.

I have been playing with this filter this week and really like the effect it gives on some photos. I say some as it doesn’t work on all. I have discovered one with different colors and fine detail seem to work best. I tried a snowy scene and it just didn’t turn out. In my opinion anyway. You can be heavy with the filter or light depending on what look you like.

Here are the shots I have transformed into a painting using this plug-in. On a few there will be before images….click on each image for a larger view.

Horse in Field

Horse Before


Horse In Field

And after applying the oil paint filter.

I now love this photo that I thought was so so and wasn’t quite sure if it was a keeper or not. I would now have this printed and framed.



Autumn Before Autumn

before on the left after on the right

Duck Before Duck

Before on the left and after on the right

On this duck image it is difficult to see the effect but the detail on the duck shows it nicely.


The rest of these are just the after applying the filterCows


Evening Reflection


Evening Light

You can see the effect on this bridge shot.

Flax Flowers

It works lovely on flowers but not all floral images will work.

Horse FenceFriday

Another horse shot with the filter applied.

To sum things up … would I use it on all images? No. When would I use it? Mostly on images that I shoot which I like but the image just lacks a little something for me. All in all a fun way to jazz up an ordinary image.