Thursday, 11 July 2013

Flowers and Nature (ok just a leaf)

Ahh flowers how I love thee! By far my favorite subject. Although I do like to dabble in other subjects I am always after the perfect flower shot. Sometimes it is a struggle to get “THE” one. I can spend 10 minutes or more shooting the same subject and come away not liking a single shot. Take for instance this Astrantia, I shot these little flowers all sorts of ways and I am still after “THE” perfect shot. I do like this one but it is not quite what I am after for this flower. Will try for “THE” shot when I come across them again.


This shot here is another subject I kept shooting the other day. The flowers were in a hanging basket above me. I do like how this came out.

White Bloom

I like this one too BUT the stem on the right side bugs me. Always something.


Now the leaf. Visited Kew Gardens last week and in the Princes of Wales Conservatory there were some HUGE leaves. No idea what plant they belong too but with the backlighting the pattern on the underside of the leaves were wonderful that I spent a few minutes shooting. I got more of these shots that I will have to share another time.


Off to the seaside for the weekend.. will be back next week with (hopefully) lots of lovely shots from the seaside.