Thursday, 13 June 2013

A little bit of processing… from drab to fab

I believe that everyone's tastes are different. Especially when it comes to so called “art”. When it comes to my photos I try to do as little processing as possible. Photoshop use is kept to a minimum etc. Although I do love to add textures to my photos, who doesn’t right?  After reading Art Beyond The Lens by Sarah Gardner I have created a set of Photoshop actions  using some of her processing steps. Such as one that lightens, one the reduces contrast, a sharpening one etc.

All my images are shot in RAW not JPEG. This gives me the greater control over the final output. Must add that I do try my hardest to get exposure right in camera as to me the image works better when shot correctly to begin with. Also try to keep my cropping to a minimum. I use Lightroom to process my RAW files then into Photoshop as a TIFF file for final touches. Anyway I am digressing. I chose these boat shots from last year for this post as they are a perfect example of what a little processing can do to an image.

First we have the before shot… RAW image to JPEG for web use only. Nothing else done to this.

3 boats original

as you can see it is just a tad dull and drab in my opinion

3 Boats B&W

I turned it to black and white, cloned out the floaters, blurred a bit of the water and sky.. I am liking this one.

3 boats tint

Same image as above with a touch of tinting and 2 textures added. I REALLY like this.

3 Boats

Color version with adjustments to light and color, a 16x9 crop, cloning of floaters, blurring over water and sky. Maybe I should have added a touch of saturation to bring out the colors more. So may have to do this one again.


Here is another composition of a boat. RAW to JPEG only.

A Boat Original

So so image.. but wasn’t working for me so a bit of processing and…

A Boat 2

BAM!!! I like very much. Square crop, adjustments to blacks, whites etc, Saturation added to bring out colors.

As previously mentioned everyone's tastes are different. Some may not like my drab to fab look. But to me I do and really that is all that matters if others don’t well they don’t. I hope you enjoyed this post.. if you didn’t well you didn’t. Life is like that.