Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chiswick House

On Friday we had to take the car for its yearly MOT. If you do not know what an MOT is, well it is test that have to be done on the car to make sure it is road worthy before you can get the road tax. Well that is what I believe it is for anyway. Road tax is kinda like license renewal in the USA. Enough about that.

Anyway, the hubs and I always have a walk around Chiswick when the car is being done. So this time I took along my camera. The thing is I decided to travel light so only took camera and one lens (28mm) and one memory card. It is rare for me to go out with so little equipment. I quite liked it, though I did miss my macro lens when I saw pretty flowers. We ended up walking to Chiswick House and I took these shots.

Chiswick House

Chiswick House - Front

The Front

Chiswick House - Side

Side View

Chiswick House - Back

The Back

Chiswick House1

I think this part of the house is called the Lower Tribuna and you can just make out the Lead Sphinx though the door.

Chiswick House2

Detail shots of windows

Chiswick House3

I do love pretty windows

Chiswick House4

No clue on the ID of these two

Since our time was limited we didn’t go inside. Hope to do that soon though. Have a great Sunday!