Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Blog Maintenance

Decided to do a bit of blog maintenance today. Have changed my header and logo. Added a link to my 500px account too. With flickr making changes to how it works I am not sure how much longer I will use it, until at least November as that is when my subscription runs out. So will either make a complete change to 500px OR just blog my photos. Do not know at this point where I will go that is for sure. Anyway here are few images for today. Most of these I have shared on my personal Facebook. I no longer keep a photography one found it too much work to keep up with.

Saw this on a hairdressers window…

Be Happy

I love horses and would love to spend a day photographing them. Came across these whilst out walking on Sunday. Couldn’t get closer and there was that fence in the way too.. sigh….


Lovely architecture in Richmond, England….

Richmond Architecture

A panoramic view of the River Thames as seen from Richmond Hill…

Richmond Hill View

No post is complete without some flowers…

Tue2 Tue3

My flickr photo for today.. an old shot from last year.