Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fun WITH the Sun

We finally had a full day of sunshine yesterday. So I headed out for a walk around Kew Gardens. Couldn’t resist shooting the sunlight. I just love the low winter sun. You can get creative in shooting toward the light. The only problem with shooting into the sun is you then see just how much dust is on your camera sensor. I removed some but see I missed some too.


Shot this on my way to the train station.


A shot from Kew Bridge


I shot this one and reviews the image and noticed the sun wasn’t directly in the street light so on I went and then…


… I shot this one. Sun perfectly in top light. Both shot walking across Kew Bridge.


This is a big old tree in Kew Gardens. The sun was coming through a small gap in the tree. Neat effect plus the shape of the tree.