Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Swans and other water birds

All these are from 2009. Taken at various places. In St. James Park, London Wetland Centre and along the Thames. On a side note would like to thank Justine over at Justine Gordon Photography and Elaine over at Pink Tree Studio for leaving a comment yesterday that I accidently deleted. I blame my big fingers, truly I do, I was checking my blogger on my tablet PC when my big fingers hit on the delete button instead of publish. And you know what they do not have a recently deleted file to retrieve accidently deleted comments. ARGH!!! 

Waterfowl6 Waterfowl5

There is something so elegant about a swan rather white (left a Mute swan) or black (seems to mainly breed in Australia).

Waterfowl1 Waterfowl2

A pelican? I am not sure. Some kind of duck.

Waterfowl3 Waterfowl4

And two geese.