Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Just Things

This post is about things I found interesting enough to take a picture of all from various years and locations.

Things 2 Things1

I do love doors. I am always on the lookout for a pretty/interesting door. Just remembered another door shot form this year that I will have to share another day. One on the left is from Syon Park. The one on the right is a church door in Windsor.

Things4 Things5

An ornate door knocker that I believe was on someone's front door in Windsor. The picture on the left is a headstone I came across while walking around the Pembroke Lodge garden in Richmond Park. It says, just in case you can see it well enough, “BOY for 13 years a faithful & loving friend to G.E.D. Died May 11, 1907” I figure boy was a dog could of been a cat but I doubt it very much.

Things 3

Walking along the river Thames in Richmond during the Queens Jubilee preparations when I came across this boat getting a name change.

Things 7 Things6

Both of these are from the Tower of London. Another great subject for me is door knobs the older the better. If stairs could talk these would have a lot to say. It was the light that caught my eye on this one.