Sunday, 30 December 2012

For The Birds

Not using my laptop today so the mobile phone images will have to wait for another day. Decided to let these images see the light of day instead of staying buried on my computer. All shot some time ago.

OH the beautiful robin…


I was trying to get a shot of this robin on the grass but no sooner did I lift my camera and off it went. I like the sense of motion this shot gives so I kept it and now sharing. shot 2009


This one wasn't hiding so well which is what robins usually do when I am around with my camera. shot 2009


Case in point this little one was singing his/her little heart out but wouldn’t come out in the open for a good shot. shot 2010


No idea what bird this is I just know it was singing away and staying up in the tree. Black and white processing with added texture. The texture is a new work in progress not sure if I like or not. Hmm. shot 2009