Sunday, 9 December 2012

A Sunday Post of this weeks uploads… and others.

Didn’t get a chance to process any pictures or do a post yesterday due to going out and shopping. It is that time of year. So todays post is a mish mash of  my favorite images I have shared on Flickr and Facebook over the last week or so.

Print Albert

The Albert Memorial in London. Beautiful it is. Would love to go back and shoot this on a better day.

Standing Guard

Standing guard at the Tower of London

Beautiful Moment

This was shot on my morning walk the other day. I was shooting the sunrise when this playful doggie came along. Next thing I look over and there he is watching the sunrise (I believe he was really watching the ducks, but watching the sunrise makes for a better story.)

This Morning

An actual sunrise shot from my morning walk the other day.


Weymouth harbour shot back in July

Is It too early

Not sure if this is a moth or a butterfly. It was a tiny little thing though. Shot back in the summer. Texture added


A shot I found on the pc from several year ago. Texture added.