Sunday, 4 November 2012

This Weeks uploads and the reason we do backups

Thought I would take time and do a post this week of the images I shared on flickr. The Autumn ones were shot last weekend in Windsor Great Park. The others were shot in the summer.



Autumn Leaves


Fence Friday2


A Lilly

AND now the reason we must backup our drives:

This morning I loaded up Lightroom to pick a photo for the day when I discovered that the disk drive my pictures were stored on was gone. Yep GONE!! My husband had to restore our system disk yesterday BUT instead of overwriting the actual system drive he overwrote the drive the pictures are stored on by  mistake. So EVERY single photo I had ever shot was GONE!! After recovering from my shock I was thankful that my husband backs up all our disk drives every week. So I was able to restore the whole drive with every image. Took 3 hours to get it done as there are A LOT of images not just mine but his too. SHEW!! SAVED!! Back up those drive my friends!!!!

I have had this week off from my AAT course but back at it this week but hoping I get time to process and share pictures on flickr so will be back next week with another weekly upload. OH and here are the 2 completed cross stitch projects since last Sunday.

557635_10151246399032264_947783607_nThanksgiving Blessings