Wednesday, 28 November 2012

They weren’t good enough…

Hey another blog post from me.. WOW. Why you may ask am I doing yet another post when I said I wouldn’t until next week. Well its like this. I have been looking through my ever increasing archive of photos, looking back at shots I have taken over the years that just seem to sit on the disk drive and do nothing. They get stuck there simply because I think they weren’t worthy. Worthy of what I am not sure.. sharing mostly I suppose. Not the right light, not quite what I was after etc. Anyway looking through some shots from 2009 of days walking about London, when I was playing with some black and white processing, cropping square when I realised hey I quite like these. So here I am doing this blog post so I can share these. I still have quite a few to do too so another blog post will be coming soon. Now after I said all that I am asking myself is anyone reading this.. hmmm!?!

London in black and white:

GherkinNo Idea

The Gherkin and a Statue (if anyone knows the name of please let me know)

Tower Of LondonHouses of Parliament

Tower of London and Houses of Parliament

Westminster Abbey 2Westminster Abbey1

Westminster Abbey

Do you  have pictures that sit on your computer and do nothing but take up space? If so dig them out and let them see the light of day!