Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sundays Post

Another week gone. Thanksgiving is upon us and even though I live outside the USA I still do a Thanksgiving dinner even if it is just for my husband and myself. Turkey crown purchased today for Thursdays feast. Even have some Stove Top stuffing in the cupboard for the day. Expensive stuffing when converted to dollars but worth it in the end. Plus I have quite a stock of Libby's pumpkin for some pumpkin pie making and this year I shall attempt to make my own crust with a recipe I found on Pinterest. Ramble there a bit so on with this weeks images.

I did manage to get out this past Thursday as well as last Saturday with my camera so some of these are new shots some from earlier in the year.

Autumn Blossoms

Autumn Cherry Blossoms


Richmond Bridge

Autumn Pink

snack timeHopeful

Chinese Lantern