Friday, 30 November 2012

Buildings around London

Still going through shots from previous years. I have decided I will carry on with this for a while and post the ones I like and have always liked here on my blog. Todays set of images are once again from 2009 and of buildings and details that caught my eye as we walked around London. In colour these were doing nothing for me so once again black and white processing and a square crop just added that needed element for me.

Buck House Curves

Buckingham Palace / I believe the second image is part of a church by Trafalgar Square

Three Bs Buildings

A view of the River Thames from Westminster Bridge looking towards Vauxhall / Some building across the Thames from London Bridge

Building Detail Windows

I just loved the fancy front on this building, trying to remember where I came across it and I believe it was along a side road from St. Pauls Cathedral / This building was near Green Park I loved the windows and the flag on the top.