Thursday, 19 January 2012

Covered with Frost

A selection of things covered with frost I shot on Monday. I am so hoping for another of these frosty mornings. But, we have rain at the moment. BOO! I have used 2 Eva Ricci Textures on each of these, except the macro of frost on the fence. In a comment yesterday I was asked if I ever print my photos and hang on my wall. Well I did that with 2 boat images, printed and pasted onto foam board but they kept falling off the wall. LOL I am wanting to do a photo book if I ever get the time to sit down and design it and choose what I want in the book. So until then I just admire them on my PC!

Frosty 2

Frosty 4

Frosty 3

Frosty Rose Hips

Frosty Fence