Friday, 2 September 2011

MIA for a while

So my week off turned into several. I have just not had the time nor enthusiasm for picture taking or processing of said pictures. It has been weeks since I even had my camera out. 13th of August to be exact. So what have I been up to since no photography etc. Well, I have been planning a trip to the USA for Thanksgiving. Which I am very much looking forward too. It has been 10 years since I last had Thanksgiving with my family and it is also the first time the hubs and I will be travelling together to the USA. We have only ever done the trip on our own. So very excited for this trip. I have also been looking into and enrolling in school. I will be starting a bookkeeping course in January. Then I have been doing my usual, cross stich project which is coming along and my reading challenge of 40 books for the year. Add to that the usual everyday living, cooking, cleaning and blah blah. So my days are full and busy and no thoughts of blogging or picture taking. This will continue here on out I guess. Will blog when I have something worth sharing. I also want to say sorry for not being a good blog visitor. I have visited a few of you and left comments but not all of you as I got so far behind that it would have taken weeks to catch up. I do hope to keep up with your blogs on a regular basis as much as I can anyway. Until the next time….

Oh yes I do have some shots to share from my 13th August outing to Syon Park where I saw these baby mallard ducks.

199 BabyDucks


199 BabyDuck


199 BabyDuck2


199 Duck

Here is mama.