Wednesday, 3 August 2011

What do you do?

Do you ever have photos you like but just not quite sure what to do with them? These all fit that category. Since I am loving the square crop this week and some vintage processing I decided that maybe these would suit that style. I do hope I am not boring you with these this week. Tomorrow I shall try to do normal processing and leave the square crop and vintage behind for a day.
196 Boat
A beautiful evening on the Thames. Taken in the spring.
196 Still
Same evening as above. Just love the reflections and light here.
196 Sailing
Sailing in Weymouth. From our holiday in May. Quickly edited to add we were not sailing but standing on a pier. LOL
196 Couple
Weymouth again.. this photo nearly got deleted as I couldn’t figure out if it was worthy of keeping. But a square crop and some vintage processing and it seems to work.
196 Sailboat
Haven’t used this polaroid action for ages so thought I would try it on this sailboat. I like it. I wish I could get me a polaroid camera. Saw one in a charity shop earlier this year for £15 nearly bought it until I looked up the price of film for it and decided that would be rather expensive hobby.