Monday, 1 August 2011

Processing Fun

Playing around with some images from the archives.

194 FlowerVphotog

This one I used a Photoshop plugin called Virtual Photographer. It is a neat little plug in that has all sorts of different processes. I could spend all day trying them out on my photos. You can find it here. It is free and works with elements as well. I added the frame myself.

194 WindowEarlybird

Once again I used those Instagram actions mentioned in yesterdays post on this one. Earlybird with the cream frame.

194 BuildingPlasteye

So I found this action that simulates hipstamatic. Not sure how close this is to it though.

194 Buildingtoycam

This one I used an old action I had called toy camera. I am sure if you do a google search you can find it.

194 BuildingVPhotog

This one I used the virtual photographer as mentioned above. I added the holga frame from the toy camera action.