Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Spin the Wheel

So far for 2011 I have shot well over 5,000 images. This does not include the ones I have deleted. This is just at this moment what is in my Lightroom Library 5,167 to be exact. Now some of those will go as there have been a few outings recently that I have yet to go through and delete the duds. But still ALOT of images to choose from wouldn’t you say. So many in fact that I could not decide so chose to spin the wheel. Spin the wheel is something one of my Flickr contacts started doing sometime ago. I thought it was a grand idea to pick shots previously looked over. Spinning the wheel is just spinning your mouse wheel and where it lands you pick a photo or photos in my case. I landed on images taken back in March.

182 SW

Texture added

182 SW2

no texture

182 SW3

no texture

182 SW4

no texture

182 SW5

texture added

I am still feeling uninspired. I am hoping to get out of this funk soon. Next week the hubs is on holiday from work so we have some outings planned. Maybe somewhere different will help. Wishing you all a grand day!!