Sunday, 31 July 2011

Random Sunday

Hello Everyone!! My blog has turned kind of boring without my daily posts. Sorry for that. I really need to get my mojo back and get back into things. I realise now though that I can get all sorts of other things accomplished such as keeping the house tidy and clean when not spending all my waking moments thinking of photography and taking pictures etc. I did pick up my camera on Friday and snapped a picture. YAY for me!!

Anyway, I really like the effect people get with their iPhones so set out to find a way of duplicating that in Photoshop and came across these actions that allow you to achieve an instagram effect. I am still looking for hipstamatic ones that are free or a tutorial to try but no luck so far. I chose some random photos and gave these actions a whirl. Note that I had already cropped my photos square before using the actions.

193 Cat

This is the shot I took Friday. I used the Inkwell and the Feathered black frame action on this.

193 Gulls

I used the Sutro and Cream frame actions on this one. I also added an emulsion texture from another action, can’t remember where those came from though.

193 Flower

I forgot which one I used on this. I did add one of my textures and the thin white frame from the action set. Border in live writer so the frame could be seen.

193 Squirrel

This one is the Early bird and cream frame actions.

193 Big Ben

Nashville and thick white frame actions used and the emulsion as mentioned above.

I really like the effect these actions give though do wish I could tweak them a bit but I could not figure out how to do that. Wishing you all a pleasant Sunday. I may try more of these actions tomorrow with some other shots from my archives.