Monday, 18 July 2011

Quack Quack

One of the places we visited last week was The Living Rainforest. It had been several years since our last visit and we thought maybe there would be something new. However, we were so disappointed, it seems to have gone down hill since then. Last time there were loads of butterflies and birds. This time there was not one butterfly to be seen and if there were birds freely roaming we sure did not see them. The only thing that I saw worth taking pictures of was these ducks or duck. This could be the same duck in each shot for all I know. As it kept flying about here and there.

187 Duck1


187 Duck2


187 Duck3


187 Duck4


187 Duck5



Had a few questions on my last post that I thought I would answer:

Liz: you can now find the macro examples post in the tutorial section by clicking on tutorials at the top of the blog page.

Helen: the background is the net curtain, window sill and a small piece of white card in my living room window. Great light even on cloudy days.